Accountants of Barbados

admin 16/02/2017 Professional Associations


The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Barbados or “ICAB” for short, is a local Professional Association for practicing Accountants of Barbados. ¬†Qualified Professionals, as well as Registered Students enrolled in professional examinations of the top accountancy bodies, are required to join this Association.

Qualified Members in good standing are issued with either a General or Specialty Certificate. General Certificates are issued to suitably qualified members who intend to engage in all areas of public practice, without limitation. Specialty Certificates are issued to members who intend to engage in public practice but whose practice will be restricted to one or more fields or areas of accountancy. The areas are taxation and consulting.

Membership benefits include:

  • Recognition as a licensed, professional within the territory;
  • Networking opportunities with 600 + members involved in various financial services disciplines;
  • Opportunities to earn CPE credits at preferential rates – saving your money!
  • Input into National Rules and Regulations governing the Accounting Profession; and
  • Opportunities to serve on the Association’s committees and National Boards.

To learn more about The Institute of Chartered Accounts of Barbados, visit their website: