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Our Costs

switch and saveWe have the most competitive advertising fees on the island and the simplest pricing model. We offer low, per listing fees for all our ad services.

In addition, we advertise roles on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages maximising your reach and drawing awareness to your publication.

Fees are quoted in Barbados dollars!

Placing Your Ad - How It Works

Placing an advertisement on is quick and simple.

  1. Register using our Employer Registration page. Click here.
  2. Once approved, you can then submit ads to be published on the website.

Note that Employer Registration is Free and that our Fees are listed in “Appendix – A” of our Terms and Conditions.

Ad Submission Guidelines:

  • Submit your ad in MS Word or PDF
  • Provide an email for applications to be delivered (candidates cannot see this email)
  • Ensure that there is a Closing Date
  • Include your logo in JPEG or PNG format – highly recommended
  • Indicate if the ad should be featured on our Home Page

We can also accommodate optional information:

  • Salary
  • Website Address
  • Twitter Account
  • Link to Business Video

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Are We The Right Fit?

  1. Are you a Barbados-based business with a vacancy?
  2. Is your business tired of paying excessive advertising fees charged by local newspapers to publish job-related ads?
  3. Are you searching for a media outlet that can handle increased wording and improve the effectiveness of your ad to potential candidates?
  4. Do you want to connect with the thousands of Jobseekers searching our website daily to find their dream job in Barbados?

If you answered “YES” to any of our questions, keep reading and learn how we can save you thousands of dollars AND connect you with The Right Person For The Job!

The Internet

Online AdvertisingIt is a rarity to see an individual without a device that can browse the internet. Devices such as smartphones and tablets are a common feature of households and offices, in addition to desktops and laptops.

Weekly online usage statistics suggest that a typical person spends over 27 hours online. Data suggests increased usage with millennials. Simply explained, as our population ages, it is expected that time spent browsing the internet will increase.

The internet is a virtual resource for individuals to pursue their interests. This phenomenon affords marketers greater potential to isolate their audience and engage them in ways never imagined before.

Welcome to a new age in marketing!

The Traditional Approach

Local NewspaperThe traditional approach on the island has always been to place an ad in the local paper for a vacancy, but there are problems with this approach!

  • It is extremely expensive to place an *effective ad in the paper. This approach produces major financial challenges for small and medium size businesses;
  • After placing the ad, your target audience must purchase the paper; and
  • This approach is contributing to the gap in engagement between Employers and millennial Jobseekers.

*An effective ad must adequately outline a job mandate to give Candidates a clear understanding of what is required in the role AND what an Employer is looking for in an applicant. Effective ads can reduce the number of applications that fall outside the scope of the role allowing hiring managers to focus on key applicants thereby creating a short-list sooner.

Question: How do Barbados businesses capitalize on the ever increasing influence of the internet on today’s society?

Our Solution

We are an advertising solution developed to replace a defunct approach to reaching a growing, technologically advanced workforce in Barbados. It was developed to reduce the costs associated with publishing vacancies while enhancing the experience of both Employers and Employees.

What We Offer:

  1. An effective, low-cost medium for Employers to engage Candidates;
  2. Advertising based on length of time published NOT number of words used;
  3. A responsive platform optimized for various types of devices (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Smart Phones);
  4. An audience focused on career and job-related information;
  5. Unimpeded, NO-COST access to your ads;
  6. The information on our website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  7. Promotion on popular social media platforms;
  8. Articles focused on career advice and additional information to assist Jobseekers;
  9. Competitive pricing without recruitment fees; and
  10. Applications delivered directly from our Candidates.




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