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Differences Between Resume and CV

admin 26/12/2016

Resume vs CV

Understanding the difference between a Resume and CV is essential to fulfilling the application requirements of a vacancy. Individual Employers will have specific preferences or may require one document instead of the other. Learn…

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Writing a Great Cover Letter

admin 25/08/2016

Resume with Cover Letter

A Cover Letter is a critical component of a sound job application. Never submit an application without one. The following five tips will guide you when creating your own Cover Letter.

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What Your Resume Says About You

admin 21/03/2015 1

Resume Details

When meeting someone for the first time we always want to make a great first impression. A resume forms the first impression of a Candidate by a Hiring Business. Here are a few tips to understand what your resume…

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How To Be Strategic About Your Job Search

admin 21/02/2015 0

Job Search Strategy

Taking a structured, logical approach in your job search will almost always yield better results than haphazardly submitting applications to a multitude of job vacancies. JobSeekers should have a clear idea of the value…

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