National Insurance Number

admin 14/02/2017 Career Development

NIS Application

NIS LogoApplying for a National Insurance Number in Barbados is a simple administrative matter that all local Employees and Jobseekers should comply with.

This ensures that Employers are able to make contributions to the scheme on behalf of Employees. Workers in Barbados are then able to enjoy sick leave and pension benefits. Displaced workers may also be able to file for Unemployment Benefits should they qualify to do so.

It is recommended that local School Leavers register with the National Insurance Office to obtain their social security number or NIS number.

Here’s how:

  • Visit the Registration Section of the Office on Culloden Road
  • Make sure to bring one of the following identification documents:
    Barbados ID Card
    Original Birth Certificate
  • Fill out the relevant form

Once you’ve registered you’ll receive a National Insurance Registration Card with your National Insurance Number within a few weeks.

  1. Remember to keep your NIS card in a secure place.
  2. If you lose your card ask the National Insurance Office for a new one right away
  3. You don’t need to re-register if you change jobs, just let your new employer know that you already have a National Insurance Number